“A Cook Shortage Threatens To Sink U.S. Coast Guard Operations” –Forbes

The Coast Guard Cutter Oliver Berry conducts a patrol in and around American Samoa, covering 8,169 nautical miles. The crew sought to combat illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing and other maritime threats across the Pacific to protect the United States and our partner’s resource security and sovereignty. (U.S. Coast Guard photo courtesy of the CGC Juniper)

Forbes reports on what might be an unexpected problem for the Coast Guard, a shortage of cooks to fill afloat billets. Consequently, there are now high bonuses for those who are qualified and want to cook for the Coast Guard.

Anyone who has spent any time afloat knows how important the cooks are to a ship’s morale.

The article reminds us that contracting out food preparation for shore units adversely affects coastie cooks sea/shore ratio and drive people out of the service.

There is also a bit of insight into what is necessary to allow Webber class WPCs to make those long Pacific deployments.


7 thoughts on ““A Cook Shortage Threatens To Sink U.S. Coast Guard Operations” –Forbes

  1. This has been an issue since I served (71-79). I served as an SS (Subsistence Specialist) reaching First Class Petty Officer afloat on CGC Staten Island WAGB 278. CGC Duane WHEC 33. CGV Boutwell WHEC 719. I was offered a reenlistment bonus of $15,000 in 1979

  2. Wait, doesn’t the USCG Auxiliary has the AUX CA which is called the Auxiliary Culinary Assistance (AUXCA) program and why isn’t the USCG tapping into the Auxiliary to help the USCG out in this mission. I know a lot of AUX CA’s that would love to deploy and help cook for the crews. Maybe this maybe a good time for the USCG to revisit the idea of Temporary reserves for the Auxiliary and bring back title 14.

    Here’s links to the program:

    Here’s the AUX CA promo

  3. I’m surprised they didn’t mention the extent to which volunteers from the Auxilliary are being used to fill these slots. I’m aware of one cutter that had Auxies cooking for it for many months and get ghe idea that any willing Aux CS could go afloat to their heart’s content.

    • I’m surprised as well because the Auxiliary has the CA program and they have cooks that can fill in for Units and Cutters. I’m not surprised that the Gold side is not even making a HUGE push for the Auxiliary to train more CA’s. I know in D1NR and D1SR, they are pushing for more CA’s to work with Stations, Sectors and Cutters.

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