“Canada Lacks Ability to Track Increasing Arctic Ship Traffic -Auditor” –gCaptain

gCaptain reports,

The Canadian government’s ability to track foreign vessels through the Arctic is woefully inadequate and the situation may get worse, according to a new report by the Auditor General of Canada.

Domestic surveillance of the region is incomplete, data that’s collected is insufficient, and there is no effective way of sharing information on maritime traffic, the watchdog said. Meanwhile, new icebreakers, aircraft, satellites and infrastructure required to fix these problems have been delayed to the point where some equipment likely will be retired before it can be replaced.

1 thought on ““Canada Lacks Ability to Track Increasing Arctic Ship Traffic -Auditor” –gCaptain

  1. We have been through the NW Passage and to Siberia including Wrangle Island. Russia is already arming this area, including its ice breakers as is China. Both Canada and the US are seriously late in countering these efforts. Past time for us get going or we will lose any control of this critical area.

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