“China Will Use Antarctica For Its Ocean Monitoring Satellites” –gCaptain

gCaptain reports that China is setting up a satellite ground station at their Zhongshan research base in the Larsemann Hills by Prydz Bay (at about the 2:30 position (76°22′18″E) on the chart above). It is directly south of India. From Wikipedia,

“The bedrock of the Larsemann Hills contains an unusually high abundance of boron and phosphate minerals and is the location of discovery of four new species of mineral. In 2014, the Stornes Peninsula within the Larsemann Hills was declared an Antarctic Specially Protected Area due to its mineral diversity.”

The station is within a sector of Antarctica claimed by Australia. All claims are currently held in abeyance in accordance with the Antarctic Treaty System.

There is concern that the satellite monitoring technology will be dual use (civilian and military).

The station is relatively small now, reportedly with a population of 60 in the summer and 17 during the winter. Sounds like it will be growing.

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