“Coast Guard to Triple Western-Pacific Deployments, Policy Chief Says” –Defense One

Defense One has an interview with Rear Adm. Michael Ryan, the Coast Guard’s deputy commandant for operations policy and capabilities.

The reference to tripling Western-Pacific Deployments seems to reflect the planned deployment of three National Security Cutters to the Western Pacific in 2023, but that is not explicitly stated and there is also reference to homeporting a WMEC in the Western Pacific, topics we discussed here.

Most of the interview is really about connectivity, data collection, and analysis. Hopefully we will see some data used for a new Fleet Mix Study, that will determine our needs and be able to justify them to Congress.

It was interesting to me that the interview was a result of Admiral Ryan’s attendance at the National Defense Industrial Association’s Expeditionary Warfare conference in Arlington, Va.

1 thought on ““Coast Guard to Triple Western-Pacific Deployments, Policy Chief Says” –Defense One

  1. Color my hawkish, but with the situation developing with the South China Sea initiative by the Communist China Party and the future cooperation between Putin and Mao Zi Xi, it would be prudent to move at least one WMSL to Guam until the Coast Guard admiralty can base a couple of the soon to splash OPCs there. The Western Pacific is going to be a busy place within the next few years. Guam is strategically positions to support our regional allies with Coast Guard assets.

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