“How Lockheed Doubled The Range Of Its Joint Air-To-Ground Missile” –The Drive

16 tube patrol boat installation. 32 tube surface vessel installation. Eight tube vehicle installation.

(I meant to post this weeks ago, but I must have been distracted)

The Drive reports on tests of an upgraded Joint Air Ground Missile (JAGM) that will be replacing the Hellfire. While originally conceived as an air launched anti-surface weapon, both Hellfire and JAGM have proven more flexible, being launched from the surface and being used against low altitude air targets. I found these comments particularly relevant to possible Coast Guard use.

As to the platforms that could potentially fire JAGM-MR, the fact that early tests have been from ground launchers reflects the fact that the initial priority is to field it in a land-based form.

“We’re looking at various ground-based capabilities and looking to demonstrate vertical launch in the 2023 timeframe, although I don’t have specific dates,” Drake adds. “That could naturally transition into, you know, launch from an LCS [Littoral Combat Ship], as an example. And then other unique ideas that I really can’t speak to today.”

There is good information here about both Hellfire improvements and JAGM.

I must admit, I think these weapons would be a good fit for the Coast Guard, allowing even relatively small Patrol Boats (WPBs) to have the punch of a medium caliber gun, and with the range improvements coming, even greater effective range, at far less total cost. They should be particularly effective against small, fast, highly maneuverable surface threats and might be useful against larger vessels as well, all while minimizing the possibility of collateral damage. Importantly, these weapons are already in the Navy’s inventory.

Some previous discussion of Hellfire and JAGM:


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