“Frozen in Time: National Marine Sanctuary Researchers Discover Lost Shipwreck Ironton” –National Marine Sanctuaries

Members from the June 2021 expedition team pose on board the USCGC Mobile Bay; the remotely-operated vehicle sits ready for deployment on deck. Photo: Ocean Exploration Trust/NOAA

An interesting story with a bit of a Coast Guard connection, the 140 foot icebreaking tug, USCGC Mobile Bay (WTGB-103).

“In June 2021, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Ocean Exploration Trust returned to the site to carry out a more thorough investigation of Ironton. Conducting ROV operations aboard U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mobile Bay, the research team partnered with the University of North Carolina’s Undersea Vehicle Program to collect high-resolution video and further document the wreck. Resting upright and incredibly well preserved by Lake Huron’s cold freshwater, Ironton looks almost ready to load cargo.”

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