“PPG launches “breakthrough” fouling release coating” –Marine Log

“Sigmaglide 2390 fouling release coating has a super-smooth, near friction-free surface when immersed in water” –PPG

Marine Log reports,

PPG (NYSE: PPG) has launched a biocide-free fouling release coating that, it says, uses a breakthrough approach to help shipowners lower power consumption and carbon emissions and meet demands for higher performance with no adverse impact on the marine environment.

Called PPG Sigmaglide 2390, the coating is based on PPG’s HydroReset technology. This modifies the coating when it is immersed in water to create a super-smooth, almost friction-free surface that marine organisms do not recognize and cannot adhere to.

This almost certainly a PPG news release, but if true, it is potentially very significant. Let’s hope so.

3 thoughts on ““PPG launches “breakthrough” fouling release coating” –Marine Log

  1. well you’re in luck, C.C. Edwards Co., Inc. Industrial and Marine Coatings who supply the USCG use anti-fouling paint produced by PPG Protective & Marine Coatings! I don’t know who supplies anti-fouling/anti-corrosion paint to the US Navy or USMM…

    • So did I back in 2016, with “Nippon Paint Marine” (i.e. “FASTAR”)! Unfortunately neither Clean Ocean Coatings nor Nippon Paint Marine played a part in the development of Sigmaglide 2390, which was developed in 2011…

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