“Austal USA Taps Fairbanks Morse Defense to Equip OPC WMSM-919” –Marine Link

Future USCGC Pickering (Image: Austal USA)

Marine Link reports,

Fairbanks Morse Defense (FMD)…which has been expanding its offering as single-source maritime defense contractor, said its cross-company package for WMSM-919 includes two main propulsion diesel engines through Fairbanks Morse Defense, a hangar door and stores elevator through Federal Equipment Company (FEC), reverse osmosis system through Maxim Watermakers, two all-electric davits through Welin Lambie, and various electrical components (cable trays, light supports, piping supports, down commers, stuffing tubes, etc.) through Research, Tool & Die (RT&D).

Not unexpected, but good to see movement on the project, plus, it is a good excuse to publish the graphic.

Looking closely at the graphic, on the fantail, I see two buff-colored pieces that look like the lifting equipment. I am curious about what they are for?


9 thoughts on ““Austal USA Taps Fairbanks Morse Defense to Equip OPC WMSM-919” –Marine Link

    • That occured to me too, but more probably just for loading stores. They do look a lot like the equipment on the stern of some the NSCs that don’t have the overhead boat transfer system.

      • friend commissioned an nsc, said the original overhead boat crane system was a maint nightmare.

      • I have heard the overhead traversing system problems have been addressed, but I have seen both the overhead system and installations with lifting arms on either side of the fantail on different NSCs (never both of course).

    • The aft pieces are stores handling cranes, and the mid-ship is for feeding the davits. The configuration of the aft cranes are very similar to the NSC replacements, just a bit smaller.

    • believe, from what i have read the mains will be the same. though details are a bit sketchy. also curious as to whether or not will have a gas turbine engine. engineering details are also sketchy. keeping same mains makes sense., parts, logistics, etc.. snipes always last to know. 😉

      • No turbines in the OPC. Just two diesels, about the same size as the diesels in the NSC, so speed on diesels should be similar, 22+ knots sustained. There will also be a small electric motor on each gear box that is expected to allow it to loiter at up to 9 knots with the mains shut down. I would still like to know if there are two engine rooms–might have a main and a generator in each. That would improve survivability.

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