“How Big is Big?”

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Photo

gCaptain reports,

Chinese Shipyard Delivers ‘World’s Largest Containership’ at 24,346 TEUs… 399.99 meters in length…61.3 meters in beam…”

So, if you put a Reliance class WMEC 210 on deck cross wise, it would only overhang about 9.4 feet. It is more than six times the length of a 210. You could put six 210s side by side across the beam of the ship. It would take almost 36 WMEC210s just cover the deck.

Think the Coast Guard could forcibly stop one of these? Just food for thought.

3 thoughts on ““How Big is Big?”

  1. Just drop off a team or two from a chopper and take the bridge, lol. But I honestly don’t think that’s how it works. I remember using a radar gun to check 1300 footers in the Sault river and some Group Soo or 9th District officer sends the tickets to the corporate offices. Plus a ship that size isn’t going anywhere but to a hand full of ports that can handle it. It’s beam and draft keep it out of the Greatlakes and probably the Panama canal. The damn thing would have to start backing turns off as it passes Hawaii so you can stop before Los Angeles, lmao.

  2. Ugly!
    I don’t think the Navy could stop it either, unless they placed a spread of Mk48s under its keel. Anything above the surface just punches holes and chips off paint.

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