Last WHEC 378, Mellon, Finds a New Home

USCGC Mellon seen here launching a Harpoon anti-ship cruise missile in 1990.

After a long period in which she was expected to be transferred to Bahrain, the former USCGC Mellon is now expected to join two of her sisters in service with the Vietnam Coast Guard.

To recap, the twelve Hamilton class cutters, all over 51 years old, are now in service with five nations.

  • The Philippine Navy has three, former USCGC Hamilton (WHEC-715), Dallas (716), and Boutwell (719).
  • The Vietnamese Coast Guard has two, Morgenthau (722) and Midgett (726) and will get Mellon (717).
  • The Nigerian Navy has two, Chase (718) and Gallatin (721).
  • The Sri Lanka Navy has two, Sherman (720) and Munro (724).
  • The Bangladesh Navy has two, Rush (723) and Jarvis (725).

More info including new names here.

Thanks to Mark R. C. for bringing this to my attention.

3 thoughts on “Last WHEC 378, Mellon, Finds a New Home

  1. Since we have not heard that Mellon specifically will be given to Vietnam, there might be a misunderstanding here and USCGC Decisive may be the cutter being given to Vietnam. Has anyone seen confirmation that Mellon is to be the cutter donated?

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