Sea Air Space 2023, Recap

Sea, Air Space 2023 was conducted April 3,4,5. Naval News has provided three videos which I have embedded below. Accompanying each video there is also an outline of the subject matter and a time stamp that will allow you to go directly to subjects of specific interest.

The things I thought might be of particular interest to the Coast Guard included:

  • Day 1: Thales CAPTAS-4
  • Day 2: Metal Shark LRUSV for the USMC and HERO 120 loitering munition for the LRUSV
  • Day 3: BAE Systems Mk 38 Mod 3 gun system  and Aerovironment Switchblade loitering munitions

The Mk38 Mod3 presentation discusses available upgrades to the systems which include the 30mm gun with air burst ammunition, greater ammunition capacity, greater elevation, and improved software for engaging air targets. Seems, at the very least, these should be applied to the PATFORSWA Coast Guard systems.

In addition, you may also want to take a look at the Navy Leagues own videos which provide a taste of the speakers’ presentations and an overview of the program’s objectives.

Sea Air Space 2023, Day 1: Maritime Strike, HALO, Thales, GE Marine and SPY-6

  • 01:05 – Northrop Grumman new Maritime Strike missile
  • 03:01 – Interview with RDML Tedford, PEO U&W, on HALO
  • 04:30 – Thales Sonoflash, CAPTAS-4 and SAMDIS NG
  • 07:07 – GE Marine lightweight composite gas turbine enclosure
  • 08:53 – Raytheon’s latest SPY-6 contract award (DDG 51 Flight IIA backfit)

Sea Air Space 2023, Day 2 : General Atomics, SERCO NOMARS, Metal Shark LRUSV, Alseamar

  • 00:46 – General Atomics Long Range Maneuvering Projectile (LRMP)
  • 04:38 – SERCO NOMARS (No Manning Required Ship) USV project
  • 06:37 – Metal Shark LRUSV for the USMC
  • 07:39 -HERO 120 loitering munition for the LRUSV
  • 07:48 – ALSMEAR SeaExplorer glider

Sea Air Space 2023, Day 3: Insitu, BAE Systems, NASSCO, Sparton, Aerovironment

  • 01:26 – Insitu Integrator VTOL
  • 04:21 – BAE Systems Mk 38 Mod 3 gun system
  • 07:30 – General Dynamics NASSCO ship construction and ship repair yard
  • 10:01 – Sparton Sonobuoy and UAV launching system
  • 12:37 – Aerovironment Switchblade loitering munitions and Blackwing submarine-launched UAV

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