“VIDEO: Colombian Navy intercepts largest narco sub yet” –Marine Log

MarineLog reports,

“…On May 12, the Columbian Navy reported it had intercepted the largest narco sub seized since its first capture of one of the semi-submersible low profile vessels in 1993…the substances seized were cocaine hydrochloride and had a net weight of 3,058 kilograms.

“To put that in perspective, in one of the largest narco sub interdictions by U.S authorities, in April 2021 a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Air and Marine Operations (AMO) aircraft assisted the U.S. Coast Guard seizure of approximately 2,500 kilograms of cocaine from a semi-submersible vessel.”

5 thoughts on ““VIDEO: Colombian Navy intercepts largest narco sub yet” –Marine Log

  1. This “war on drugs” is never going to be won. The cartels make $10’s of billions each year; probable more than the entire CG budget. Legalize it, tax it and use our assets closer to home. DHS talks about $500 million dollar seizures, but, we taxpayers never see a red cent of the half billion dollars.

    • GAO reports are generally useless reports, generated for useless Congress critters and their staff. They gather up data and spit it back out saying they (GAO) recommend, this, this, and this. Oh, and Congress does not fund any of it, or uses these GAO reports to scold leaders who come before Congress. This GAO report is one of the more useless reports I’ve seen from them in 30+ years of looking at them (BTW, you can subscribe to them). Everyone and their brother knows that recruiting is a challenge in ALL of the services – there is nothing new to report there – For GAO to point to lack of child care centers or multiple moves in a career are NOT the thoughts of 95% of recruits or those thinking of joining. There are many OTHER reasons why young kids are not joining the services and GAO didn’t even touch those, as other reasons are too controversial to write about (Yeah, I’m talking about the political BS that has permeated society over the past 2-15 years – and kids see that crap all over social media).
      Now, for the writer of the Federalist to bring up stuff that has NOTHING to do with CG recruiting such as drag queen Navy personnel or the guy who shot OBL…one has to wonder what his agenda was…other than putting together crap details to get a story out with zero facts.
      BTW, Chuck has an e-mail address listed – you don’t have to pipe him to the bridge.

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