“Support Pay Parity for our Coast Guard servicemembers!” –Navy League

USCGC Northland (WMEC 904) approaches the pier, March 30, 2023 in Portsmouth, Virginia. Northland conducted a 62-day maritime safety and security deployment in the Florida Straits and Windward Passage while patrolling in support of Homeland Security Task Force – Southeast and Operation Vigilant Sentry. (U.S. Coast Guard video by Senior Chief Petty Officer Melissa Leake)

Just passing this along. Remember what happened last time we had a delay in approval of an increase in the debt ceiling?

Hello everyone,

Please take a moment to join our Rapid Response email campaign in support of Congresswoman Scholten’s “Pay Our Coast Guard Parity Act of 2023”.

The Coast Guard is vital to America’s national and economic security, yet they are not covered by the same paycheck protections as other members of the armed forces. With the very real possibility of a government shutdown in the near future, it is imperative that we provide the men and women of the Coast Guard with the financial security that they and their families have earned!

Please use the link below to learn more about this issue and to send a letter directly to your Members of Congress by just clicking send! Let’s get to work!

Thank you,

Luke Lorenz, Senior Director, Legislative Affairs, Navy League of the United States

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