Susitna Ferry, Funded by Office of Naval Research, Sea Warfare & Weapons Dept., Tranformer, More Than Meets the Eye

Ice breaking, Catamaran, SWATH, variable draft. At the very minimum this has to be a challenge to the Marine inspectors.

Implications for the Arctic?

“Top 10 Recent Failures of the Coast Guard”

When people voluntarily give you a critique, you probably ought to at least listen. Below are links to a critique offered by a mariner, apparently one of considerable experience. I personally don’t feel qualified to comment on most of it, because it relates to mission areas where I have had little or no experience, but perhaps some of you will get something from it.
Part 1:
Part 2:

Cruise missiles from Container Ships

Interesting article here: The Problem with Proliferation: Cruise Missile Edition, highlights an emerging capability to arm container ships with cruise missiles.

For more information about the launch system including  a short animated film with US equipment in the hands of the bad guys, look“> here.