Old Cutter Alert WPC/WSC/WMEC-127

Ran across an effort to preserve a bit of our heritage. These volunteers’ mission to “…preserve, maintain and operate the old United States Coast Guard Cutter Alert, WSC-127 as a living museum. As one of the last warships representative of her era afloat we feel we have been given a chance to see to it that this fine old vessel continues to enlighten and inspire future generations.”
She is now in North Portland Oregon.

As far as I can tell she is not open to the public yet. (Tried to e-mailed them but did not get a response.)

Anyone have a current status?


11 thoughts on “Old Cutter Alert WPC/WSC/WMEC-127

    • I seem to recall a 125 was being used as a Sea Scout ship in the bay area for some time. Not sure which one it was though.

      My brother served on the Alert and the Active (the 125 that was converted for buoy work) when they homeported out of Monterey.

  1. I am the cheif engineer on the Alert now, here in Portland ,Oregon. Have been working on this old vessel for 6 months. I have the starboard generator running and producing electricity, doing a little R&R on the port generator to extend its life and will start running the mains soon. Haven,t had anyone to show me how to operate this vessels engine room so have been reverse engineering the whole process. Have to be careful so no damage is done due to lack of knowledge. I ran an engine room on the buttonwood years ago in Hawaii. The Aert is alive and well, but we do need more help in her restoration. We are presently working on group organization so we can apply for a grant. Also we have recenlty had a 15kw generator donated by my brother in law to give the ships generators a rest. If you want to know more my e-mail is above.

    • i served on “buttonwood” ou of galveston. tx = (1988- 1990 ), do-tell, i’m up the fwy frm u ! un seattle, wa. area , hit me up 4 a chat! . later alumni brother. “the wad”, remember the duty -dirty- mk nightmares – boots” fireewatches & crash on the jetty , 1989summer , off freeport , tx. capt. got relieved of duty , quietly , his daddy was also a uscg admiral , awwww, shuk’s ! w.

    • I called the Portland PD tonight about someone in a older white sail boat docked in between the Alert and the dock (next to I5). Looked like they were boarding the ship, and possibly removing items. It did not look right, and was about 7:45 pm when I saw them. Not sure if anyone was contacted… I did not know who else to call…

    • I acquired a copper looks like a vent duct fitting with flashing claim on piece says US Coast Gaurd Alert. If it is an original piece of the ship you might be interested in it.

  2. Suggest you try to contact a Robert Barteau in St. Louis. He served in the Alert’s engine room for four years, 1962 thru 1966?

  3. I spent 1 year of my Coast Guard service on the ALERT. WE WERE STATIONED in Morro Bay Calif. The old girl did her duty as we towed in fishing boats and we also went out and target practiced with the forward cannon. As we were told she was commisioned in 1926.

  4. Unfortunately it is now a home and painting ship of the drug addicted homeless in Jantzen Beach. So sad… It is probably being slowly stripped of anything of value by them… It is now an eyesore, and a matter of time will be towed to be scrapped somewhere…

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