Finns Investigate British Flag Ship with 69 Patriot Missiles Bound for China

From the Sacramento Bee:

HELSINKI — Finnish police say they have detained two crew members of a ship that was en route to China with 69 Patriot surface-to-air missiles and explosives. Read more here.

10 thoughts on “Finns Investigate British Flag Ship with 69 Patriot Missiles Bound for China

  1. WTF, PATRIOT MISSILES! Where did they come from? It will be interesting to know the origin. Are these from a US military inventory? Were these foreign sales to an “ally”? Either someone in the military needs to be held accountable or one of allies needs to see an end to military sales from the US. I wonder how this will play out. Please post updates as they come. USCG was able to get CFO compliant, who is keeping the shotty books?

  2. “Someone in the military”? Get real. Foreign military sales are legally the sole domain and purview of the State department. Demanding “someone in the military” be “held accountable” for this is akin to blaming the fire department because of a spike in the crime rate in Southeast DC.

    Take a walk down to CG-532 or DCO-I so they can educate you on the ins and outs of foreign military sales before spouting off like a fool next time.

  3. Whoa, take a deep breath and read the post before you start start the flames. What I meant (may not have been clear) is that 1) if it was from a DoD inventory then someone in the military should be held accountable. 2) If it was FMS then then contract country should be held responsible or the originating company (Raytheon) should be held responsible.

    Given the USAF history with being unable to protect the nuclear inventory, US military officers being tried for selling military supplies in Irag, and the chaos of a troop withdrawl It would not be”foolish” to think there is field level foul play in this case. The military is honorable but there are dishonest individuals.

    Besides, the wait and see proved to be correct…

    “A Germany Defense Ministry official said the missiles, found on board the Thor Liberty, were part of a German delivery for South Korea under a longstanding agreement”.

    I work with 532 often and I learn a good deal from them on various subjects. I understand how FMS works and hope you have a great holiday! Take a break, you seem stressed.

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