China Shows 2nd Trimaran Rescue Ship

China Defense Mashup has posted pictures of a trimaran vessel purported to be the second of a class of rescue vesssels that look very much like smaller versions of the Independence class Littoral Combat Ships. (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

It appears to have a helicopter landing deck, a small gun (25-40mm), and stations for making pickups at near the waterline on the outer hulls. Apparently these belong to the  Navy, rather than one of the five civilian agencies that do Coast Guard type work.

4 thoughts on “China Shows 2nd Trimaran Rescue Ship

    • Seems the multihulls are here to stay, but they will not totally replace monohulls.

      Catamarans and Trimarans seem to have advantages for smaller vessels, where speed is at a premium, but endurance, seakeeping, and carrying capacity are relatively less important.

      Most of the largest multi-hulls are ferries. Militarily the US has the Independence class LCS and the JHSV (which is really just a ferry). The Chinese also have the type 022 missile boats. Although there is talk on the web that the Chinese will build a catamaran aircraft carrier, I don’t see multihulls getting much bigger than the Independence, because larger monohulls (over 400 feet in length) can make high speed (up to 40 knots) without much problem if it is really desired.

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