Expansion of China’s “coast guard” Fleets

Informationdissemination has a short report on the ongoing expansion of the fleets of China’s five law enforcement agencies. Several things stand out. This expansion is massive. The charts in the report may be difficult to read, but it is clear they are building at a furious rate while also taking in former Navy platforms. It is also clear that while some are very large, these are relatively simple and because of the low cost of ship building in China, very inexpensive ships.

These agencies still have relatively few aircraft so they will remain ship rich, aircraft poor.

China has apparently found their maritime law enforcement agencies useful in asserting control over disputed areas.

For reference while the US EEZ is 11,351,000 km2, China’s internationally recognized EEZ is only 877,019 km2 and they claim another approximately 3,000,000km2.

4 thoughts on “Expansion of China’s “coast guard” Fleets

    • I must say the Vigor concept is growing on me, as they hope it will for the decision makers. My initial reaction to the very conventional Marinette design was an audible “meh”.

    • I’m a little surprised this does not look more like the Italian Commandante Class (http://www.naval-technology.com/projects/commandante/) by Fincantieri. There is some resemblence, but I always thought that was a little small. Looks like this concept includes an foc’sle raised to the O-1 deck, which should make it drier forward.

      I have reservations about having the helo deck all the way aft since it will experience more vertical movement at the extreme end of the hull.

      • If Memory serves right as based on the news two of the PLAN former Destroyers were transferred to one of the five maritime law enforcement agencies.

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