New Sail Training Ship(s)

NavalToday is reporting that Damen Shipyards is building a new three masted, square rigged training ship for the Omani Navy. With 50 meter masts and a length of 87 meters she will be similar in size to the USCGC Eagle.

This is on the heels of two other similar sail training ships for the Netherlands and Brazil, the Stad Amsterdam and the Cisne Branco.

12 thoughts on “New Sail Training Ship(s)

  1. Having never had the pleasure and honor of being aboard the Eagle, one of the things which has worried me is her material condition some 70-75 (?) years after her launch.

    When did she last have a major overhaul/refit? I seem to remember something about her diesel being replaced and some environmental issues being corrected, but how is the hull, masts, keel, etc.?

      • Also Bill, the Eagle was changed quite a bit on the insides with hatches and improved safety features from what the German’s used on the vessel. My general feeling is that the USCG is pretty proud of the Eagle and it’s ambassador role within and outside the US.

  2. There are some really good videos of the Eagle on Youtube. I wish a production company for the History Channel would do a nice combo documentary of her history and current mission. It would be interesting, entertaining, good for the Academy, and great for the Eagle, IMO.

  3. Here’s my Question, how come the US Navy doesn’t have a Sail Training ship like the Barque Eagle. I know most other Navies around the world have sail training ships. Maybe we can make a deal with the US Navy in allowing their Midshipmen to train in the summer on the Barque eagle when not in use by the USCG.

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