Damen’s New Patrol Boat

MarineLog is reporting that, “Damen Shipyards and Italian partner yard Cantiere Navale Vittoria S.p.a. are to build two Stan Patrol 5509 patrol boats for Italy’s Guardia di Finanza, a law enforcement agency that deals with financial crime, smuggling, illegal Immigration and narco traffic and that has a fleet of about 250 vessels.”

Damen also provided the design for the Coast Guard’s 87 foot WPBs and its 154 foot Webber Class Fast Response Cutters.

The two “5509” (55 meters long and 9 meter beam, 190 ft x 30 ft) patrol boats will be the largest built so far in their STAN Patrol Series.

The design features an “Axe” bow intended to minimize vertical acceleration in a seaway. Check the link above for illustrations and more info.

New Sail Training Ship(s)

NavalToday is reporting that Damen Shipyards is building a new three masted, square rigged training ship for the Omani Navy. With 50 meter masts and a length of 87 meters she will be similar in size to the USCGC Eagle.

This is on the heels of two other similar sail training ships for the Netherlands and Brazil, the Stad Amsterdam and the Cisne Branco.

Damen to Build New Patrol Boats for Bahamas

MarineLog reports that Damen has secured a contract with the government of the Bahamas.

“It covers the acquisition of nine vessels for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and construction work for their naval bases plus additional dredging works to accomodate new long range patrol craft.”

The nine vessels are in three class. One, a “San Lander 5612,” is a small ro/ro much like the old LCUs, intended for disaster response. Four will be a version of Damen’s, Stan Patrol 4207, 42 meter patrol boats, which includes the Canadian patrol boats we discussed earlier, that are closely related to the Coast Guard’s own Fast Response Cutter.

What I found particularly interesting were the four smaller patrol boats with a Damen developed “axe bow” because they may give us a glimpse at the future replacement for the 87 foot “Marine Protecctor” class WPBs (27 meters long, 6 meter beam), which was also a Damen design. Its designation, SPa 3007, indicates it is 30 meters long and a 7 meter beam (98.4 ft long, 23 ft beam).