Well Blowout Gulf of Mexico

There has been another well blow out and fire in the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike Deepwater Horizon there were apparently no personnel casualties and this is in relatively shallow water (154 feet) 55 miles off Louisiana. Report here from gCaptain.

2 thoughts on “Well Blowout Gulf of Mexico

  1. Being nearly completely ignorent of off-shore drilling, can someone comment generally about the difference in environmental impact by this being a natural gas well?

    Also, are the “splashes” in the video in the water to the side of the derrick actually gas bubbling up from the seabed, or is it condensate falling to the surface from the cloud erupting?

  2. While serving in Dependable, we got a call about a burning gas rig. By the time we got there, it was gone and nothing showed but a bunch of bubbles coming to the surface.

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