UAVs from Icebreakers

I found this video over at CIMSEC where they posted a short review of the progress in the use of UAVs,

I had not been thinking of using UAVs from icebreakers, but it makes a lot of sense. As we have seen, flying helicopters in the Arctic is still a dangerous business. In addition to removing people from a relatively dangerous environment, UAVs have the potential advantage of much longer endurance. The UAV in the video is the Austrian built Schiebel S-100 that is used by the Chinese Navy as well as the French and German Navies and many other agencies.

6 thoughts on “UAVs from Icebreakers

  1. Among the experiments being done on Healy this year is the use of a small hand launched UAV. There is a video. The encouraging thing is that this UAV is certainly small enough to fly from a Patrol Boat, still it looks like it still needs some work on both the sensor package and the recovery technique (looked more like a crash on deck). Can’t help but think that something like the Scan Eagle would probably have done better, although this is certainly even cheaper. (Thanks to Lee for bringing this to my attention.)

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