China is Building Cutters

German Navy blog Marine Forum has two reports on shipbuilding programs for the Chinese Coast Guard.

“Huangpu shipyard launches the second of four 4,000-ton China Coast Guard patrol ships, HAI JING 2401.” (reported 12 Sept)

“Xingang Shipyard (Tianjin) launches paramilitary China Marine Surveillance (CMS) 600-ton patrol vessel HAI JIAN 3012 … 14 such ships ordered/under construction, also at Wuhan.” (reported 9 Sept.)

You can be sure they are building them fast.

1 thought on “China is Building Cutters

  1. Same source, German Navy’s Marine Forum now reports, “CHINA–Photo of a model suggests there are plans to have paramilitary China Marine Surveillance (CMS) vessels refitted with (small to medium caliber) guns. (rmks: regional CMS vessels not yet under new China Coast Guard).

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