R&D Where Are You?

Fiercehomlandsecurity reports GAO has found a disconnect between DHS border and maritime R&D and the users of the result. I tried to wade through the GAO report, but was unable to make much progress. At any rate the dollar amounts are small by government standards, but there were a few things that were clear. First DHS does not spend very much on Border and Maritime R&D, and second that the Coast Guard’s portion is only a disproportionately small sliver of that.

Looking at the chart in the Fiercehomelandsecurity article you see is that of the three centers of Maritime and Border research within the DHS, CG R&D has by far the smallest share.  What you do not see is that this is only part of DHS’s total R&D effort. Science and Technology’s Border amd Maritime Division is only one of six divisions doing R&D for DHS (p.6)

So the CG is a major part of the department, but is directly supported by only a very minor part of an already small R&D budget, so is it surprising that there is a disconnect between the end users and the R&D effort?

The GAO report can be found here.

2 thoughts on “R&D Where Are You?

  1. Yes, Chuck, while the Coast Guard may indeed be a “major part of the Department,” in reality, the two main priorities of DHS are the land borders with Mexico and Canada, and airports. DHS doesn’t really care about maritime matters. That’s why CG gets a pittance of the Department’s overall R&D budget, and the Commandant has to fight to get recapitalization of the surface fleet.

    Now that HQ has moved to the new “DHS campus” at St. E’s, this disconnect is even more apparent. No CBP, no ICE, no DHS HQ staff – just the gullible Coast Guard, further isolated from the Department leadership that ignores it.

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