Getting Outflanked along the California Coast

FierceHomelandSecurity is reporting the Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection are admitting that Pangas smuggling north from Mexico are going around existing patrols. Shouldn’t surprise anyone, there is a lot of money in it. In addition to drugs they could be  smuggling terrorist just as easily.

Perhaps we need a few of those Webber Class WPCs in the Pacific. Reportedly the administration is taking another look at border security. Its time to make our case that the water side is way too porous.

2 thoughts on “Getting Outflanked along the California Coast

  1. The Coast Guard is no longer reactionary in the tactical sense. Being out flanked is one of the universal characteristics of Service. However, being reactive to those events is also part of the history. From smugglers, to piracy, to rum running there is a long history of taking steps once the steps are known. In 1844, Captain Henry B. Nones, commanding the schooner Van Buren at Charleston, got word that a number of merchant vessels planned or conspired to get goods past the Custom House night inspectors. Nones reacted by putting and officer and armed six men in the vessel’s first cutter (a type of small boat) and patrolled the anchorages and wharves. Within a couple weeks, the Custom House reported an increase in hundreds of thousands of cigars (probably good Cubans) had been sent through the inspection process. bringing in more customs duties. He attributed the increase to the vigilance of his officers and men and by association to himself. In the 1890s, there was a huge increase in smuggling Chinese from Vancouver Island and the RCS built two fast patrol boats, Scout and Patrol, to counter the human traffickers.

    Nothing has changed except the reaction.

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