More Chinese Misbehavior in the South China Sea

China imposes fishing curbs: New regulations imposed Jan. 1 limit all foreign vessels from fishing in a zone covering two-thirds of the South China Sea.

Credit for Chart: “China Orders Foreign Fishing Vessels Out of Most of the South China Sea,” The Washington Free Beacon

China is again pushing for a “new norm” that would make the South China Sea essentially Chinese sovereign territory. In clear violation of the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea, the Province of Hainan has declared that, as of Jan. 1, all foreign vessels must get their permission to fish in approximately two thirds of the South China Sea including waters that are clearly within the Exclusive Economic Zones of the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, and Malaysia, an area reportedly five times the size of the state of Texas.

In addition to the report credited below the illustration, here is a Wall Street Journal Report and Reuters reports the diplomatic sparing between the US and China.

Their likely instrument in this push is the newly organized Chinese Coast Guard. Naval War College professor James R. Holmes, offers some thoughts on “The Return of China’s Small Stick Diplomacy in South China Sea.”

98 thoughts on “More Chinese Misbehavior in the South China Sea

  1. Vietnam decides to arm its fisheries enforcement vessels, specifically 14.5mm (.57 cal.) machine guns. China objects.

    “Chinese government-backed news agency ECNS has lashed out at reports of plans by the Vietnamese government to arm its fishery patrol vessels as “breaking international conventions”.”

    “Vietnamese state-run newspapers reported in early August 2014 that the government has passed legislation, dubbed Decree No. 76, on 29 July authorising the use of handguns, machine guns, explosives, and supporting devices on board Vietnam Directorate of Fisheries vessels.”

  2. Expect a Chinese LHD class is coming:
    “China’s dockyards are scrambling to build its own home-grown amphibious assault craft, with a displacement of 50,000 long tons,…Of note, diagrams released by Xinhuanet (新華網) revealed a design for China’s amphibious assault vessel that stands 265 meters in length (869 feet) and is capable of launching jet fighters, helicopters, and LCACs.”

      • The article says they will be making a STOVL version of their J-10, but reportedly they already have the plans for the F-35. They are still having problems making jet engines that last.

    • I suspect it isn’t a coincidence that the USN leadership recently said increased Japanese presence in the South China Sea could be helpful.

      Abe and the JMSDF had obviously cleared the Indonesian deal with Washington prior to this announcement, and likely asked the US to leak its approval of this kind of deal.

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