Problem with Safe Boat RB-S?

Defense News is reporting, “The Israel Navy is restricting use of a US-built, rigid-hulled, inflatable boat pending an investigation of technical and operational conditions that caused one of the small craft to capsize last week off the coast of Gaza.”

I believe these are the same 25 foot boats the Coast Guard uses as the first generation Response Boast, Small (RB-S). Reportedly, the boat capsized as a result of a sharp turn. There were apparently no casualties. The Coast Guard’s new RB-S are produced by Metal Shark.

4 thoughts on “Problem with Safe Boat RB-S?

  1. Having spent little time on this boat and a lot of time on its predecessor, the Metalshark boat has a higher COG as well as relatively poor sea keeping characteristics and high cabin noise. It also lacks the “performance fins” on the Safeboat that when used correctly, provide significant traction while keeping the boat level through turns. The trade off is significantly improved visibility…which I guessing was a significant factor in the selection process for the USCG.
    It should be noted that the Safeboat RB-S has had a number of roll-overs as well….all operator error.

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