Another New Coast Guard

German Navy blog Marine Forum reports,

“27 Jan….KENYA
“The government has announced plans to establish a coast guard to supplement the Kenya Navy … will patrol Kenya’s territorial waters and safeguard marine interests in its exclusive economic zone … money set aside for an offshore patrol vessel (no details) already under construction in India.”

I have to think most smaller countries don’t really need a Navy–they do need a Coast Guard.

Kenya is in East Africa. They have been helpful in countering piracy primarily based in Somalia.

9 thoughts on “Another New Coast Guard

    • The USCG has had a hand in the creation of a lot of coast guards including the Japanese and Korean Coast Guards. I would not be surprised if we were attempting to create several in Africa now.

  1. Thanks a lot for the info Bill Smith, I’ve also tried google and failed to find anything am guessing this is a first purchase they will need more ships and helos to form an effective coast guard

    • Yeah, if they’re not even saying how much money they’re spending, they’re probably not talking about what design it is…

      It would be smart for them, with little to no experience, to buy a proven design of the Indian Coast Guard, but also avoid going with something too large, which may give them technical or operational challenges.

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