Russia Builds an OPC

NavyRecognition is reporting the launch of the first for a class of ships being built for the Maritime Border Guards of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB, successor of the KGB). The ship is similar in many respect to the projected Offshore Patrol Cutter.

Named “Ocean,” she is reportedly ice strengthened with a displacement of 2,700 tons, a speed of 20 knots, a range of 12,000 miles, and a 60 day endurance. She has a hangar and flight deck, at least two RHIBs, and a 76mm gun. Unlike previous classes used by the Maritime Boarder Guards this is not an adaptation of a Navy design.

4 thoughts on “Russia Builds an OPC

  1. When I see ice strengthening mentioned in spec’s I never ever think about ice only,

    You don’t need a gun to convey displeasure.

  2. This from the German Navy blog Marine Forum, “03 April, RUSSIA, Tender issued for two more Project 22100 („Okean“) Russian border guard patrol vessels … optimized for Arctic patrols … delivery by Dec, 2019.
    “(rmks: Type ship POLYARNAYA ZVEZDA launched at Zelenodolsk in May, 2014)”

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