Gulf Cooperative Council to Form Joint Coast Guard Command

DefenseNews is reporting the Gulf Cooperative Council has announced their intention to form a joint naval command to be called Maritime Security Group 81.

“The force, Attar said, is expected to mainly conduct naval interdiction missions, stopping illegal drugs and weapons shipment.

“’It will consist mainly of interdiction vessels and patrol vessels and will be more of a coast guard than a real blue water navy, I expect,’ he said.”

“…The announcement of the command was backed by US President Barack Obama who issued a directive to Congress to facilitate GCC defense article sales and defense services under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 and the Arms Export Control Act.”

The USCG may be involved in at least three ways. (1) There may be sales through the Coast Guard’s Foreign Military Sales organization. (2) There may be training administered by Coast Guard teams. (3) The six WPCs still in the area, operate out of Bahrain, a council member, so USCG vessels may actually be incorporated in the organization in some way.

I also wonder if this might become a model for similar organizations in the South China Sea or the Caribbean.

5 thoughts on “Gulf Cooperative Council to Form Joint Coast Guard Command

  1. This is very much needed in the Caribbean. In fact, the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean together makes some sense. A Joint HQs which could tie into SouthCom, Dist. 7 (and 8), customs and Border Protection, and the cooperative countries in the Caribbean could really optimize utilization of resources and improve coverage.

  2. Sounds like Operation Market Time to me. Same purpose. I wonder if the Coast Guard will consider itself a “naval” service?

  3. This from the German Navy Blog, Marine Forum: “04 March, KUWAIT, The Ministry of the Interior for its coastguard has ordered 29 Fast Coastal Interceptor (FCI) Type 44 craft from US Tampa Yacht Manufacturing (Florida) … 15-m boats (approx 50 foot–Chuck) with 55 knots top speed.”

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