The Finest Hours–The Movie

Cape Cod Times, via, talks about the upcoming movie version of the Book “The Finest Hours.”

The Finest Hours,” which is based off Casey Sherman’s and Michael J. Tougias’ best-selling book with the same title, will star Chris Pine, Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Casey Affleck and Holliday Grainger, according to a statement from Disney.

This is the story of how Bernard C. Webber, coxswain of motor lifeboat CG-36500, from Station Chatham, Massachusetts, and his pickup crew of three (EN3 Andrew Fitzgerald; SN Richard Livesey; and SN Irving Maske) rescued 32 of 33 crewmembers trapped on the stern of the tanker Pendleton, one of two Tanker that broke in half in a deadly storm on 18 February 1952 off the coast of Massachusetts.

The book also talks about the other rescue efforts underway at the same time. Hopefully the movie will at least touch on these as well.

Apparently there is also a mid-grade telling of the story for younger readers.


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