8 thoughts on “New Canadian Naval Ensign (flag)

  1. No. They are adapting a logo featuring their current ensign.

    “Ready Aye Ready” is also the motto of the UK’s Sea Cadet Corps.

    • It won’t be long before the Union flag is removed from the naval ensigns of Australia and New Zealand.

      ( BZ Kevin Vickers. RIP Corporal Cirillo.)

      • Well said. Love that the law makers were arming themselves with makeshift spears when they heard the shooting. Hope our law makers would be as feisty.

    • Unlike the Canadian flag, the Australian and New Zealand national flags still incorporate the Union flag design, so less reason to remove it.

      Incidentally the state flag of Hawaii also includes it as well.

  2. I regret that our lot would probably be tweeting “go away please #badman” as fast as their fingers would let them. In the UK the role of Sergeant-at-Arms is now little more than that of a building manager. It was traditionally a post held by former military of quite high rank. Now in the name of diversity and inclusiveness it is open to all and it hasn’t been a good move.

  3. re flags of Australia and New Zealand.

    There are moves afoot in both countries to get the Union Flag removed from their own flags. New Zealand will probably be first with the silver fern being the replacement symbol.

  4. Yes, the empire is not an empire any more. If Scotland had voted yes for independence, the union flag would not have looked the same itself any more (most likely). The first US Revolutionary War flag also included the union in its canton…

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