10 thoughts on “More on Movie “The Finest Hours”

  1. Why do all the online promos and news articles (to date) refer to a Captain Webber? I understand he was the coxswain, but I thought he was enlisted.

  2. He was enlisted but as the boat coxswain he was “Captain” of MLB 36500 out there.
    I guess the studio does not know the nuances. A Coast Guard film adviser could point that out.
    Should be a great movie.

  3. The commanding officer of a commissioned vessel is referred to as “Captain” regardless of rank. The operator of a boat is a coxswain never a captain. Boats attached to a small boat station are like cars in a motor pool. They are manned and operated by the duty boat crew. A good coxswain is invaluable, I’m not belittling boat drivers. But Naval and Coast Guard tradition would never refer to a coxswain as Captain of the boat. Surely Disney must have had CG technical advisers.

  4. AL.Com is reporting the release of a trailer for “Paratus 14:50”, a documentary on the Coast Guard’s Katrina efforts, produced by students at the University of Alabama. The documentary will be televised on Alabama Public Television at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 26, and 5 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 30. Additional background regarding the production is posted at http://www.paratus1450.com/

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