Laser Weapon Deployed

Source: U.S. Navy, Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Daniel M. Young via Bloomberg Click on the photo to enlarge. is reporting the deployment of a laser weapon on the interim Afloat Forward Staging Base, Ponce, formerly LSD-15.

One of the more interesting aspects of the device from a Coast Guard perspective is that it can also be used in a non-lethal mode.

The device can emit progressively stronger beams, first to warn an adversary, and then destroy it if necessary, Chief of Naval Research Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder said at a Bloomberg Government session this year.

The laser can be adjusted to fire a non-lethal dazzling flash at an incoming vessel so they know it’s there “all the way to lethal,” Klunder said. The laser’s range is classified.

11 thoughts on “Laser Weapon Deployed

    • Yes but if you carefully watch the video they are lasing a munition of some sort (perhaps a mortar or rpg round) to get a nice secondary explosion for the camera. Does the laser actually do anything useful against a surface target or does it just burn holes in the hull.

      • I think it was an RPG round. If it just hits metal, it will not make an explosion because, of course, it projects no explosive of its own. This it only a prototype and the next generation is expected to be more than twice as powerful, but the accuracy is pretty incredible. Being able to target a warhead makes the other guys’ weapons dangerous to them. It appears, what they were simulating, was an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp boat with a 107mm multiple rocket launcher.

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