Laser Weapon Deployed

Source: U.S. Navy, Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Daniel M. Young via Bloomberg Click on the photo to enlarge. is reporting the deployment of a laser weapon on the interim Afloat Forward Staging Base, Ponce, formerly LSD-15.

One of the more interesting aspects of the device from a Coast Guard perspective is that it can also be used in a non-lethal mode.

The device can emit progressively stronger beams, first to warn an adversary, and then destroy it if necessary, Chief of Naval Research Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder said at a Bloomberg Government session this year.

The laser can be adjusted to fire a non-lethal dazzling flash at an incoming vessel so they know it’s there “all the way to lethal,” Klunder said. The laser’s range is classified.

International Maritime Partnerships

Thought some of you might be interested in this short explanation of the standing Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Task Forces 150, 151 and 152, that include Coast Guard members in addition to naval forces of 26 nations. These task force are intended to counter terrorism (150) and piracy (151) and to provide security in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf (152).