Greenpeace and Spain Play Bumper Boats

gCaptain reports an incident between the Spanish Navy and Greenpeace activist protesting offshore drilling near the Canary Islands. The encounter resulted in injury to one of the activists, a female Italian national, when she was thrown over the side and hit by a propeller. The Spanish Navy points out that their RHIBs have shrouded propellers.

4 thoughts on “Greenpeace and Spain Play Bumper Boats

  1. Fascinating stuff. The sea really is a different sphere. You couldn’t imagine “security forces” on land using vehicles to ram “protesters'” vehicles in such a violent manner but at sea beyond the 12nm limit all manner of things occur. Are the Spanish right to act in such a manner? Probably not. When British security forces are forced to act aggressively the action is carried out swiftly and cleanly. I should say the same goes for most of the English speaking world (and those of North European heritage!), but I think this Spanish behaviour is typical of what happens world wide. “We” are the exception not the rule. Shame though our side isn’t allowed off its leash especially with regards to Gib’ (Gibralter–Chuck) and the Spanish CG (who are corrupt bunch of thugs.) Sitting on the high moral ground is all well and good but after a while all it becomes is a prominent a position to which others can point and then laugh as they ride roughshod over you.

    I note a BAM (Spanish OPV–Chuck) in the back ground.

  2. More information about the incident.

    We saw this earlier when personnel from the same vessel boarded a Russian platform.

    We can probably expect the Coast Guard to encounter something similar when drilling starts again in the Arctic.

    What do you do when activist break the law and then refuse to go quietly? I don’t like what the Spanish did. Looks like it hazarded the Spanish Navy crew as well as the activists, but I can understand they might have been frustrated.

    I think I heard the Coast Guard is working on ways to stop non-compliant vessels.

  3. Seems that the Greenpeace RHIBs need to be fitted with a “mounting bracket” of some sort that can be quickly deployed outboard of their own hull so that any vessel engaging is this type of foolishness is ‘rewarded’ with some serious damage to their pontoons or hull. This fitting need not even be sharp…

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