Singapore’s New Boats

A screenshot from a publicity video showing the wide, low profile hull form of the new Specialised Marine Craft. The vessel's electro-optical sensor and what is likely to be a navigation radar can be seen mounted on its starboard mast. (Republic of Singapore Navy)

Janes is reporting Singapore’s Navy has recently acquired some new boats that are different to say the least. The 22 meter (72 foot) vessels are intended for base defense, force protection, and maritime security operations.

Their remotely operated .50 caliber mount, the Oto Melara Hitrole G remote weapons station, is also interesting.

16 thoughts on “Singapore’s New Boats

  1. very stealthy, low height, but lightly armed, would seem to make a good interceptor? Like going after pirates in the Straights~

    • If you look at the pictures in the linked article, it looks like the craft might experience some pounding as the boat pitches and the relatively flat areas under the bow slap the water.

      • Might want to think about how they will act when alongside another vessel. Fendering might be a problem with the sharp break at the side concentrating all the impact on the sharp edge at the side.

  2. Not as fancy and futuristic, but the Finnish Navy is also in the process of acquiring new 65′ boats fitted with Saab TrackFire RWS:

    Before the Navy order was publicized, I saw the unpainted prototype boat seen on that video on early sea trials while I was out on patrol with a SAR boat. We tried to catch it to take a better look, but our 840 hp was no match to their twin 900 hp engines…

  3. As far as interceptors go, I’d rather operate a pair of these bad-ass twins. Customer is the Mozambique Coast Guard/Navy, through a somewhat shadowy private-financing initiative:

    – 53 knot, 95t short-range monohull
    – 30 knot, 90t long-range trimaran




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