The U. S. Naval Institute has published their annual “Coast Guard Issue.” It has some thoughts worth taking a look at, and there are cogent comments attached to at least one of the on-line articles.

If you are not a member, you probably should be, but if you don’t have access to the print version, a lot of the material is available on-line. As usual, some on-line articles are “open content” that can be viewed by anyone, while some are “members only.”

The Coast Guard specific “open content” articles include:

“The Demise of the Cutterman,” a feature length article that has attracted a lot of comment.

“Nobody ask me but…The U.S. Coast Guard Must Retain Its Most Talented Officers,” a short piece on assignment and promotion policies.

The Coast Guard specific members only articles are:

“Bring on the Workhorses” about the need to replace the WMECs with Offshore Patrol Cutters.

“The ’85 Percent Solution’,” which advocates for ice strengthened National Security Cutters.

“U.S. Coast Guard Resources,” which is actually in two parts.
—“References” a pdf which identifies all CG flag officers and five most senior enlisted with job titles and photos, and
—“Organizational & Information Services,” a pdf that includes an organizational wiring diagram and some informational phone numbers.

2 thoughts on “USNI USCG Issue

  1. just got my issue and have not read yet. noticed inside front cover, ad from biw and navantia for new mec. first I’ve seen of anything from biw. would love them to get contract, mainah, but don’t think they can compete with non union yards down south. they do build the worlds best warships. they do need the work though as ddg work is slowly drying up. just a biased mainahs opinion.

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