Electronic Monitoring of the Tuna Fleet

Bairdmaritime reports,

“NOAA Fisheries has completed the first fleet-wide implementation of electronic monitoring in the United States.

“As of June, electronic monitoring is required on all vessels fishing with pelagic longline gear in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Electronic monitoring is intended to provide an effective and efficient way to monitor and verify Atlantic bluefin tuna catches in the pelagic longline fishery.”

Electronic monitoring replaces on board observers.

A couple of things come to mind.

  • Would be great if all F/V were monitored electronically so that we would not have to go looking for them. Air Searches would them be primarily to determine if there are F/Vs out there that are not tagged electronically.
  • We still need to check them underway to make sure they are not exceeding limits by offloading catch before returning to port.
  • What about the Pacific where there is a very valuable tuna fishery that is seldom sees a cutter?

1 thought on “Electronic Monitoring of the Tuna Fleet

  1. There is a similar in operation around Falklands and South Georgia. Does it stop poaching? Supposedly. But with all rules the power in them is the willingness of the ruled to be ruled. If there is enough incentive somebody will crack the system. It is an aid to but not a substitute for physical policing. To believe otherwise is to be naive.

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