Unmanned Search and Rescue?

Looks like sooner or later we are going to see unmanned surface vessels transiting the oceans. Both MarineLog and MarineLink report on a Chinese Study. The odd thing about these reports is that apparently, among other things, they were applying this technology to SAR. This from MarineLog:

The Unmanned Multifunctional Maritime Ships Research and Development Project, says MSA, realizes all-day networked sea supervision, intelligent search and rescue, motorized multipoint coverage by shore-vessel based detection and control platform managing unmanned search and rescue vessels on a low-cost basis, which effectively improved the ability and efficiency in maritime search and rescue.

(MarineLink apparently working from the same press release consistently substitutes the phrase “maritime cruise and rescue.”)

Frankly I have a hard time visualizing what unmanned surface vessels could do for search and rescue.

4 thoughts on “Unmanned Search and Rescue?

  1. The U.S. Coast Guard is now testing UAV’s for SAR to find people – the Cutter Healy did some testing this summer in the Arctic, from what I was told the tests went well.

    Some others are testing UAV’s to drop a life ring to someone.

    Like you I question the unmanned vessel to do much more than help run a search pattern on auto – if someone has a medical emergency or is injured, needs a pump etc. that seems to me to require people

  2. Thinly veiled cover story is thin. USV running search patterns makes more sense for antisubmarine warfare and mine warfare.

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