New SeaPay

The Coast Guard has begun a new SeaPay system as reported by Coast Guard All Hands.

The new five-table system takes into consideration desirability of different cutter platforms, personnel tempo, deployment lengths and programmed operational hours.

“We made a conscious decision to shift most of the sea pay increases to mid-level enlisted paygrades in an effort to incentivize them to return to sea duty assignments,” said Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Steven Cantrell. “A three-level system just wasn’t enough, and it didn’t allow flexibility to change with the times. These changes don’t take place in a vacuum – a lot of decision and a lot of discussion went into these just to get it right.”

This system is relatively complex, but it appears a realistic effort to achieve the stated goals.

Can’t help believe this only happened because we have a “Cutterman” as Commandant who understands that all sea duty is not equal.

The linked post includes the five pay charts.

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