Trimaran Patrol Boat

Our friend at NavyRecognition offers this video of the CMN Ocean Eagle 43 prototype built for the Navy of Mozambique, in sea trials in what are reported to be State 5 seas.

There is no displacement listed, but, except in beam, this vessel is notably smaller than the Webber class WPCs (143 ft vs 154 for the Webber class). It has a smaller crew (7) and accommodations (15), but otherwise appears to have similar capabilities with a speed of 30 knots, a range of 3000 miles at 20 knots, and a 7 meter RHIB in a ramp at the stern.

They also advertise a proposed mine hunter version that is more limited in speed and dispenses with the small UAS flight deck in favor of unmanned underwater vehicles for mine hunting and destruction. Assuming the same hull is used, the dimensions for both are 43.6 meter in length, 15.7 meter beam, and two meter draft.

When it comes time to replace the 87 footers, perhaps we should consider something similar, though dealing with the much greater beam might be a bit of a challenge in some places.

8 thoughts on “Trimaran Patrol Boat

  1. 75-80 ton displacement. This is basically an 87ft WPB with the legs and seakeeping of a 154ft WPC, and (theoretically) the aviation capabilities of a 600t patrol boat. A compelling value proposition… if it works!

    I’ve been a big fan of this design ever since it came out. You’re looking at the teamwork of one of the world’s best multihull designers (Nigel Irens – UK), one of the great Fast Attack Craft shipyards (CMN – France), some pretty nifty composite experts (H2X – France) and high speed propulsion solutions (Servogear – Norway).

    • I have been aware of these boats for a while, What surprises me is that they haven’t gone for an interceptor variant considering the pedigree of the technical input which you mention. A 40kt+ variant couldn’t be too much work on top surely? It isn’t always the most sensible features that sell vessels like that this in Third World markets. Very surprised none of the Gulf states have looked at them.

  2. Let me be the cynic? Who would patrol in SS5? Can operate RHIB or Helo in those conditions, might not be able to go out on deck? How does the crew feel after about 12 hrs of that sxxx?
    What is OUT THERE to patrol against in those conditions?
    Ya’ know? There are sometime when a good old displacement hull is better for the mission?

    • I doubt that the idea is to patrol in SS5. Just to ride things out without having to return to port and abort the mission.

      The mission is long range fisheries patrol and anti-piracy. Not very manpower intensive, all you need is a UAV for eyes in the sky, RHIB for boarding and a few large caliber weapons. Plus endurance.

  3. hard to tell from the video but does not look like it would be good for at least one pb mission that happens a lot, in all sorts of sea states, towing. also though tows are often handed over to stations once inshore you still need the ability to do a side tow. there isn’t always a station to relieve you of the tow. even if it can do a side tow would be interesting putting a fishing vessel alongside a pier with that.

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