Guided Projectile for 57mm Coming


The US Naval Institute News Service recently published an article, “A Year Into Distributed Lethality, Navy Nears Fielding Improved Weapons, Deploying Surface Action Group.” As you might expect, it talked primarily about anti-ship cruise missiles, but there was a paragraph of particular interest to the Coast Guard.  It appears there may be guided 57 mm projectiles in the Coast Guard’s future.

“The service is working on developing a guided 57mm round for its Mk 110 guns on the LCS and other Navy and Coast Guard ships, Surface Ship Weapons Office Program Manager Capt. Michael Ladner told USNI News last month. Fanta said at the SNA symposium that the project, which is funded and working its way through the development process now, was important because it would leverage research already being done for the guided Hypervelocity Projectile for the Electromagnetic Railgun.”

If that means we will be able to both target selected areas on a vessel and avoid the possibility of collateral damage, by shells gone astray, it will be good news.


9 thoughts on “Guided Projectile for 57mm Coming

  1. Looking at OTO-Melara’s DART (76 mm, with the power of a 57 mm) guided projectile, that 57 mm guided projectile will probably be inert.

    • I certainly would be in favor of the latest 76mm over the 57mm. An inert projectile might be useful for our purposes in damaging the main engines, in that it would not explode before hitting the engine, but I think it will be more likely this will be a variant of the 3P fuse, with fins on the nose.

      • IIRC the 3P fuse depends on spin, so it wouldn’t fit to a fin-steered and thus fin-stabilised projectile.

        I personally don’t understand why navies and coast guards don’t use simple shielded manually loaded guns any more. Automatic elevation and traverse with stabilisation on the target is fine, but you need no autoloader. That’s unnecessary mass.
        Warships could afford the mass of a manually loaded 15 cm gun for good effect against surface target AND a normal automated 76 mm gun instead of a single automated 127 mm gun.
        Likewise, the USCG could easily have a 15.5 cm gun on its large cutters in addition to a 27 mm MLG or similar for fully automatic effects.

        I actually wrote a draft for my blog on this manual loaded larger calibre gun topic (unfinished so far).

      • Sven, we know that if it fired from a 57mm, it will spin, and we know rifling induced spin does not preclude a guided projectile, because there is a guided 155 mm howitzer projectile.

  2. IF there is a “smart” round developed for the 57mm Mk 110 gun, I seriously question its usefulness. The round will hace to fit the Mk 110 loading system or will have to be single loaded if it is too long for the auto loader. This is rge case of the Excaliber smart round for the 5″/62 mk 45 Mod 4; that round has to be single loaded because it cannot go throught the auto loader. I also question whether the 57mm projectile can carry a bursting charge worth all the time and expense to develop.

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