Remember the ALaMO?

We have been following the development of the ALaMO guided round for the 57mm Mk110 for some time. This round is expected to equip the National Security Cutters and Offshore Patrol Cutters in addition to the Littoral Combat Ships.

MilitaryLeak.Com reports on the progress of the program. 

“The MK 332 Mod 0 High Explosive 4 Bolt Guided (HE-4G) is a low-cost 57 mm guided smart ammunition intended for use on the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship and new Fast Frigate, as well as the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Security and Offshore Patrol Cutters. The ALaMO Program qualifies the 57 mm MK 332 Mod 0 High Explosive, 4-Bolt Guided (HE-4G) Cartridge for the United States Navy (U.S. Navy ). Completion of the (Critical Design Report) (CDR) phase allows the program to progress to qualification testing, munition certification and transition to production. L3 Mustang was competing against BAE Systems and its ORKA 57 mm guided smart ammunition.”

The video above accompanied the report. It is from 2018, but still provides good information. Notably the company representative makes no claims for the ALaMO round as an anti-aircraft round, although I have seen claims for its use against UAS. It is primarily intended as an anti-surface round, particularly for use against swarming surface craft.

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