Cost of German Built Patrol Boats for Saudi Arabia

NavalToday reports the Saudis are having 15 patrol boats built in Germany by boat builder Lürssen, famous for building missile and torpedo boats.

“German naval shipyard Lürssen has started construction of the 15 patrol vessels for Saudi Arabia under the €1.5 billion (approx $1.63b) contract despite of talks (sic) about cancelling the deal amidst the Middle Eastern country’s public executions early January 2016.”

That is about $109M each for craft of 35 and 38 meters. Our Webber class are 47 meters in length and cost typically $60M. Maybe not a bad deal.

Incidentally, these do not appear to be the 20 to 24 patrol boats 40 to 45 meters in length, discussed earlier as part of the Saudi Naval Modernization.

4 thoughts on “Cost of German Built Patrol Boats for Saudi Arabia

  1. The Saudis always pay more due to the inherent corruption of their government. Several princes get richer every time they buy anything for their military.

  2. You are also leaving out the 80 Couach 15 meter interceptors and some support boats. Plus training for around 100 crews as mentioned. May end up coming in at a similar price to FRC, and trade seakeeping for more speed and extra armament.

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