EMILY the robotic lifeguard, “Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard”


NavyRecognition is reporting, “The EMILY (Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard) robotic lifeguard will be showcased by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) during the Sea-Air-Space 2016 Exposition held May 16 to 18 at the Gaylord Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. The robot will also be displayed at the ONR’s booth (number 1004).”

“Outfitted in bright orange, red and yellow colors, each cylindrical EMILY buoy is 4-feet long and weighs 25 pounds. It’s powered by a jet engine system similar to a mini jet ski, shoots a water jet stream for propulsion and travels up to 22 mph. EMILY also has two-way communication radios, a video camera with a live feed to smartphones and lights for night rescues.

“‘EMILY is made of Kevlar and aircraft-grade composites and is virtually indestructible,’ said Mulligan, CEO of Hydronalix, a maritime robotics company. ‘The devices can be thrown off a helicopter or bridge and then driven via remote control to whoever needs to be rescued.'”

To me the description of its use and capabilities seems incomplete. For instance, could this be used to tow a rescue swimmer to a vessel in distress? and how was it “used to rescue nearly 300 Syrian migrants from drowning in the waters off the Greek Island of Lesbos”?

Looks like a piece of gear we should look into. If one of our readers gets a look at it, I would welcome first hand impressions.

Apparently it is already for sale to the general public.

7 thoughts on “EMILY the robotic lifeguard, “Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard”

      • Just think, we could fly 100 of these Iranian Life Ring drones off every NSC for AMIO ops. It would save the non-rates from pulling out 400 life jackets!

        Speaking of non-rates, why don’t we just issue one of these to every “gamer” non-rate in boot camp and save even more $$

      • We’re in the era of UAV drones such as Reapers, predators and scan eagles. It’s sad that the USCG is the last service to go UAV Drones. Imaging using Scan Eagle UAV off the NSC or using the EMILY on a black hull cutter for SAR missions.

  1. the problem i have with drones is that we become so over reliant on them that we loose our core capabilities. Just look at the Air force. Its slowly becoming the chair force.

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