US to Help Mediterranean Alien Migrant Interdiction

Reuters is reporting NATO is planning to expand their Migrant interdiction efforts, and the US will participate.

“NATO agreed on Thursday to broaden its operations in the Mediterranean to help the European Union stop criminals trafficking refugees from North Africa but will not act until the fate of rescued migrants is cleared up.”

The thing I found interesting was that reportedly the US provide a ship. Certainly there is a certain logic to using a Coast Guard ship for this mission, but it is unlikely. Not enough cutters. It is much more likely it will be done by Navy ships, that would be operating in the Mediterranean anyway, but it is almost certain that ship will have a Coast Guard team aboard.


6 thoughts on “US to Help Mediterranean Alien Migrant Interdiction

  1. So the US will help the migrants by picking them up once they leave North Africa or Turkey and then since they can’t return them to the point of origin they will dump them in Europe.

    Since the USN will be doing what the smugglers are doing will the migrants at least pay the US and reduce the cost to the US taxpayers?

  2. Following from the German Navy Blog, “Marine Forum,” Dated 26 May:
    “Mediterranean: More than 4,000 refugees/migrants rescued in 22 separate operations off Libya’s territorial waters within 24 hrs … two incidents probably leave 100 people dead
    “Depending on the speed of political developments in Tripoli, EU’s operation „Sophia“ could begin training Libya’s navy/coast guard „in a matter of weeks“
    “Mediterranean: British tabloid claims Libya now has made a „formal request“ for EU warships to „operate in its territorial waters“ … Royal Navy set to deploy a warship which „will return migrants/refugees“ picked up at sea to Libya „if UN approves such mission“

    A very dramatic series of photos here of an overloaded refugee vessel capsizing as a rescue vessel approaches.

  3. From the German Navy blog, Marine Forum, “Mediterranean: The US Navy is deploying salvage ship „Grapple“ to the Aegean Sea … first US ship to join NATO SNMG-2 in migrant operations”

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