Navy to Eliminate Rating System for Enlisted, CG to Follow?

The US Naval Institute News Service is reporting that the Navy will eliminate its 241 year old job specific rating system and move to a system more like that used by the Army, Air Force, and Marines.

I would assume the Coast Guard will follow suite. Changes to uniforms, schools, even the way petty officers are addressed.

The Navy will reportedly drop the Airman, Fireman, Seaman distinction for non-rates and call them all Seaman. Will we have Coast Guardsman Recruit, Coast Guardsman Apprentise, and Coast Guardsman as the new E-1, E-2, and E-3?

7 thoughts on “Navy to Eliminate Rating System for Enlisted, CG to Follow?

  1. I certainly hope not. This movement to become politically correct and not offend anyone is offending me. Common sense is becoming a thing of the past, something that will be referenced to in history books. Leave well enough alone.

  2. agreed bill but that’s another story. I think that what rates we still have are such a mishmash of other rates that other then my pride it really wouldn’t matter. think about it, mk was bt, mm, en etc. also when a pb sailor had to learn to be bm, qm also. think whole idea of making rates more transferable to civvie jobs and certifications is generally a good idea. wish it had been easier to go from cg engineer to civ mariner engineer when I got out. but then again my pride of being a navy engineman then cg machinery tech is still there. change is hard.

  3. Chuck – We will not, because any title or classification with the term or suffix “-man” is being eliminated.

    The Navy is getting HUGE pushback from the ranks. I saw an article in Navy Times about it. Somewhere well over 90% of enlisted, including women, dislike the idea. Depending on who wins the election, it may not even get started on implementation. And yes, this is complete political correctness…

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