China Attempts to Punish Singapore


Well, I already have four posts with many comments tracking China as they attempt to bully the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Now it seems it is time for one to track China’s attempts to Bully Singapore.

This post from the Independent, is about a proposed canal across the isthmus of Thailand, but if you read down to the second half of the post, you’ll see it is really about Chinese displeasure because Prime Minister Lee of Singapore has been standing up for a rules based international order rather than one based on force.

1 thought on “China Attempts to Punish Singapore

  1. Cutting a canal through the isthmus of Kra was first mooted many years ago. From a time when I was still in the shipping industry. That was 20 years ago. To be honest, to ship via the arctic sea with climate change could also be a threat??

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