The Coast Guard and WWII LSTs

Our friend over at EagleSpeak unearthed an old film, and I found it on Youtube.

The Coast Guard manned (if I counted right) 67 LSTs during WWII, but apparently we had a lot to do with the logistics of getting them completed and to the front lines as well. Funny how all these old WWII films “feel” the same.

1 thought on “The Coast Guard and WWII LSTs

  1. The Brits conceived of the LST. LST were used in the Far East under MSC and up the rivers in Vietnam. The Newport class LSTs were vastly different and now out of USN service. Still a few around like Mexico. And when their RFA came into service, they typed theirs as LSL Landing Ship Logistics which they were. Served well until they lost one in Falklands. Refurbished one LSL afterward. Type was supplanted by the LSD(A) Auxiliary under RFA.

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